Time to Jumpstart into June

Time to Jumpstart into June


Time to Jumpstart into June

This week’s Living Lighter Facebook Live Show was all about commitment and accountability and in particular the June Jump-start initiative.

During the month of June, in the Living Lighter Facebook group, we will be supporting each other to implement one habit, that if done for 30 days, could make a difference in our lives.

In addition, those on the Live had so many ideas, but interestingly enough, there was one habit that many have decided to make their focus for the month!!

I started Facebook live with an introduction of ” let me know how your weeks been. What’s been happening in your world. And we are starting to lift a little bit of these restrictions, but I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of sensing a little bit of anxiety and people at the moment not quite sure what this new normal is going to look like we were at one of our major shopping centers on last Sunday…”

If you have any questions or challenges that you’re facing right now, it is important that there’s someone you can talk to about things to lessen your negative emotions.

Watch the show here:


In addition, The Living Lighter Group www.facebook.com/groups/livinglighter

and if you have not yet done the quiz, you can click here to access itĀ www.sallythibault.com.au/quiz

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