The June Jump Start Initiative

The June Jump Start Initiative

The June Jump Start Initiative

The June Jump Start Initiative has gotten off to a great start. With many people choosing to commit to one habit over June that will make a difference to their well being. On this week’s Facebook Live Show, we evaluated how we are all going and what worked and what didn’t over the last week. We also covered 1. The one-step that makes habits much more comfortable to implement (that most people don’t do!) 2. What habits tell us most about ourselves. (especially when we can’t seem to stick with them!!) 3. And we will finish the show with an EFT session, all around making the implementation of new habits simpler!! Plus I shared what has been going on for me this last week, and why I believe it is time for the Wise Woman!

On the show, I started with an introduction “we’re gonna get started today we’re talking simple ways to implement habits so for everybody that’s been in the living lighter group this week how have you gone this week with your habits and you know the June jump start thing that we’ve been doing I’ve I know that because I’ve had you guys to be my accountability partners yes I’ve actually been really on it and a couple of times…”

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