Do you have an NDIS Plan? You may be able to access funding to help with Family support and counselling due to family members’ disability or building the skills and capacity of other family members to manage the impact of a participant’s disability on family life.

Check your NDIS package for funding options or enquire with Sally if you would like to clarify what other parents have claimed.


The fully supported Stronger Leaner Lighter Membership Program will help you reset your approach to health, wellness, fitness and your lifestyle. The aim is to lock in simple habits - spiritually, emotionally & physically so you will feel better than you felt before you started.

Many people that I work with feel that they are being held back by something. But find they subconsciously sabotage themselves, holding back from achieving what they want.

Most often the sabotage is simply old memories and patterns that are rooted in the words, events and people of our past.

Getting to these patterns and releasing them – will help you feel lighter and less weighed down by life - and free to feel good about YOU again. 


Tapping Course - Mastering EFT for Personal USE

Sally is a Master EFT Trainer.

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