Why Choosing the Right One Word Theme is So Important

Why Choosing the Right One Word Theme is So Important

One of the best kept secrets to achieving what you want every year… is to create a one-word theme.

It is a practice I have been using for almost 20 years

.. and each year I am always surprised how my one word theme manifests!!supercharge-your-year-with-a-one-word-theme

The reason why the one word theme works (and why you need to be very careful and thoughtful in choosing one) is this …

When ever you decide what you want, a physiological process called Frequency of Illusion takes place.

It simply means that whatever you place your focus on, your mind shifts to help you manifest the intention. (Ever decided that you wanted a particular make of car.. and then you see it everywhere you go?… That’s Frequency of Illusion!!)

In a digital world of constant interruptions, choosing a one word theme is like a road map to help guide you as challenges, opportunities or doubts arise. (as they always will!)

Your one word theme helps keep your mind will focused on ways to achieve what you want!

So when choosing a one word theme, it is essential that you are really clear on a number of things.

1. Why you want to choose that word.
2. How it will impact on all business and life decisions you make in the year.
3. What steps you will take to achieve them.

Honestly…this process is so powerful, it can really change your life…

Hence, why asking the right questions to support your word
…. then using those questions to create your 30 day and 90 day intentions…and your ‘big dream’ for the year is so important!!!

Over the years I have chosen words such as Success; Abundance; Solutions; Achievement… and this year’s word was Transcendence..

When I chose the word Transcendence – I loved it so much – I was going to keep it for 2 years!

But as always happens… because the word was so powerful, and I achieved exactly what I set out to achieve…

I knew it was time for a new one…

and I am just as excited about my new word.. as I was about the old one!!!

How to create a powerful one-word theme blueprint, to ensure you achieve exactly what you want in 2017, is one of the bonuses when you enrol in the last Reclaim You for 2016.

It forms a pivotal part in reigniting your passion, power and purpose.. and a process you just want to make sure you get it right…because what ever you choose… you will manifest!!

So if you are ready to make 2017 your best year yet… and you want me to help you do that…

Registration closes tonight on the last Reclaim You program for 2016….and is the perfect timing for you to make 2017 your defining year…

Here is the link… http://buff.ly/2hpClGJ

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