Transcending Limiting Beliefs with One Word.


Transcending Limiting Beliefs with One Word.

Prior to the beginning of each New Year, I spend time choosing a word to be my theme for the coming year
It is a practice I have been doing since 1997.
That year, my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and in desperation one morning I wrote the words “I need solutions” in my journal.
Over that year, the word Solutions became very powerful for me.
On reflection at the end of 1997, I realised how the word had created so many solutions to the challenges we faced.
Special therapists showing up just when we needed; a new school opened up that was perfect for him to transition from primary school to high school; and an amazing trial social skills group commenced that year – that was so successful many of the boys remain close friends to this day.
Ever since then, I have set a word as a theme for each year.
Then, one day I was playing around with my word and created a series of questions from each of the letters of the word, that supported my 30 day and 90 day intentions.
I wanted a way to stay focused and avoid the ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome, for which I am a card carrying member!!
So each morning, I look my word and the questions, to ensure whatever decisions I make that day, stay within my theme and intentions.
I have chosen many words over the years, but the word I chose for 2016 has had the most profound impact on me – physically, emotionally, spiritually and as a business owner.
The word I chose for 2016 was TRANSCENDENCE
Not only did I love the sound of the word but the dictionary meaning, which is another aspect of how I make my choice each year, meant so much…
“The state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits… a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience.”
What I didn’t realise at the time, that choosing the word transcendence… also meant painful, challenging, and sometimes an incredibly fearful place to be.
It began a year of transcending every single limiting belief I didn’t realise I had, about myself as a woman, a wife,a mother, a daughter and a business owner.
It meant I had to totally re-evaluate who I was in the universe; what beliefs I had about myself as an EFT practitioner, mentor and presenter; and who I was as a mother, a wife and a woman.
It was not an easy, nor a pretty ride. In fact there were days when everything I believed about who I was confronted me, leaving me feeling raw, vulnerable and lost.
Where I was challenged at my very core of my being to be a living breathing example of what I teach.
I remember one day in particular, where I simply felt I was at the edge of a huge precipice.
I wrote in my journal that day

“My sense of my reality feels like I am living in a hot-air balloon struggling to stay grounded in cyclonic winds.
The tethers that hold the balloon to earth being snapped one by one against the force of the wind… and my safety in the reality I have known, being broken as I am released into a place where I have no history, no marker.”
This year, Tapping (EFT) has been life saving. As I each time I came across what felt like an insurmountable chasm, I was able to tap, transcending the beliefs that kept me tethered to a reality that was not mine any longer.
But the most surprising thing was the change I ‘felt’.
One day I messaged my EFT colleague, Dr Peta Stapleton and said “Is it possible that when you tap – that you actually create physiological changes in your brain?”
It felt like I was regrowing and rewiring certain parts of my brain… with long held beliefs and ‘go to’ thoughts that had been there seemingly forever, that I suddenly couldn’t find any longer.
Her response was simple… ‘We don’t know, but more research will tell….”
While choosing the word Transcendence seemed at the time like it would be fun… it certainly did not turn out the way I imagined…in fact it was one of my most challenging personal years to date.
But because now on reflection of the year, I realise I am a far wiser, more intuitive and spiritual being, than the woman I was at the end of 2015.
Now I live in a world of total manifestation – where I understand the critical importance of living in the present moment, trusting in divine intervention when needed and experiencing the power of my created reality.
Over the last few months there have been moments when I thought I had really reached the end… then something inexplicably magical would happen.
Out of seemingly thin air, I have manifested new opportunities, perfect clients, incredible experiences… perfect tables at restaurants, and better seats on airplanes…even the often elusive ‘perfect’ car park (in fact often 2 or 3 at a time).
I now truly understand at a cellular level – that we do in fact create our own reality… every single moment of every single day.
Our role in this human experience is to take ownership of the beliefs that have created the reality you now live. And if it is not what you desire, then you simply need to find the belief that supports your current reality, and heal it so you can transcend it.
Once again, my one word theme for the year has played itself out not the way I thought it would…but way better than I thought possible.
My word for 2017? I have finally settled on the word Prosperity – which means..successful, flourishing, good fortune and prosperous circumstances…
– Watch out world – I don’t have a seat belt… or a tether – so this could be a phenomenal ride.
Let me know what word have you chosen for 2017 – and how it will support your intentions for this coming 30 and 90 days……

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