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The Cutting-Edge Strategy for Women over 50 to Shed Excess Weight

While Maintaining their Shape and Muscle mass to be Stronger, Leaner and Lighter

Sally is helping women transform their bodies to look and feel younger - no matter their age. 

By using science-backed strategies and focusing on health first - Sally will help you lock in the strategies that will have you staying younger - longer. With the information she'll be sharing, you'll probably get a tighter waist while promoting a healthy, balanced body from the inside out! Sally will show you what works and give you the correct knowledge, support and accountability you need for looking and feeling younger.

"If you feel it's time to get serious about looking and feeling younger, then you belong in our community of like-minded women."

Transformation will be easier once you put these simple steps in place. make it a little easier.

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Each day Sally brings a lifetime of experience in traditional fitness and health to the course. This
grounding is the jumping off point to creating a body that is better today that 20 years ago schedule.

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With coaching, support groups, and explainer videos, you always have the support you need to keep going. 

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Sally helps clients understand how they can utilise their intuition to listen to their body and eat consciously.

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Staying Younger Secrets

  • Kris Barrett
    "Sally has a gift – to be able to pinpoint the true cause of the issue, then address it. Such a privilege to witness life changing sessions and have the tools to be able to improve my own and my family’s life."

    Kris Barrett

  • Janet Culpitt
    "If you are a conscious business woman, this is exactly what you need for your own personal development".

    Jane Culpitt 

  • Libby Geihe
    "Sally helps you uncover the patterns that trap you in a life of heartache. She then helps you discover how to release yourself from these patterns allowing you to live more fulfilled."

    Libby Geihe


Let's get started - The Stronger Leaner Lighter Program has helped women change their mindset about weight with simple, sensible knowledge and tools that work. This course will strengthen your confidence and leave you leaner and lighter while feeling stronger.

What's food got to do with it - Sally won't tell you what you can or can’t eat, because there are no “good” or “bad” foods. Instead, you’ll learn about how to use your feminine intuition to make conscious choices about the food for your body needs.

Coaching that keeps you accountable - Many women find success when they have someone to hold them
accountable. It’s the most requested service that is always delivered with care and respect for the journey that you are on.

Ready to take control of your health for good?

Work with Sally - And Start Feeling Lighter


Sally facilitates powerful one-on-one Accountability Coaching designed around your unique needs. There is no cookie cutter approach, she is a master at getting to your core issues and helping to clear them … fast.

“I believe that our most limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviours, show up in one of three areas – Body, Relationships or Bank account.”

The path to healing one, is the path to healing all.

Sally will show you – step by step – how to heal the relationship between food, weight and your body.  This accountability coaching process empowers women to permanently release the weight that no longer serves them – first emotionally and then physically,

In all cases, Accountability Coaching starts with a private conversation to discuss your situation. If you would like to chat with Sally just click here to send her an email.

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Tapping to RECLAIM YOU

Sally’s book shows you how to use the Energy Psychology Technique known as EFT/Tapping to reclaim your real self. This is a journey of discovery for most people into the people, words and events of the past that keep them locked into old patterns that no longer serve.  With over 30 real life case studies inside, this learning is made easy. As you unlock the real self, step into your authentic confidence and experience your best life.

“I have been around Tapping for many years, and have never come across a book that is so succinct and on point, and backed by evidence. This is a game changer.”

Dr. Peta Stapleton  Associate Professor Psychology – Bond University



In April 2010 Sally published her first book,  about her family’s Autism journey in a book called David’s Gift, the inspirational true story about how she changed from wishing to make her son ‘normal’, to recognising his unique difference and personality and in doing so enabled him to take his first steps towards a less fearful, more connected life. Today her son holds a Degree in Film and TV Production, is a successful Video Editor and Producer, is now married and living in Montreal Canada. The story offers hope, inspiration, and insight into how to overcome the challenges of Asperger’s and Autism for parents and all those living with this diagnosis.

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