Tapping to Develop a Strong Belief in Yourself

Tapping to Develop a Strong Belief in Yourself

You probably know people who have a strong belief in themselves… but most of us have to work at it, to foster that self-belief.

On the path to being a conscious business woman; to be a leader in the feminine way of doing business – it can be really challenging to quieten down that inner voice in your head, and foster that belief

In this video we are going to tap to increase your belief in yourself.  It is important however, in all tapping, that you try to find the event, person or word that caused you to doubt your belief in yourself.

This could be a time you wanted to win something and everybody told you that you would win…. and you didn’t.

It could be that you set a goal to lose weight, then you put it all back on again

Every time we set an intention and we fail, there can be a little voice in our head that then challenges your belief in yourself… all the time!  That little 2am voice that can be so loud and so unreasonable.

If you are struggling with believing in yourself… and you can’t shift it – send me an email and let’s have a chat to see if I can help you on your journey as a conscious business woman to manifest success and fulfillment in your business…and in your life…. Click here

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