Tapping To Create Clarity To Achieve Success

Tapping To Create Clarity To Achieve Success

Sometimes we get stuck and need some clarity in where we are going and what we are doing – and that is really where tapping is at it’s most beneficial.

Ever had those moment when you are looking at your ‘to do’ list, and it feels overwhelming?

When you just don’t know where to start?

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, the stress hormone cortisol increases, causing us to move into the flight, fight or freeze response.

The blood flow leaves the frontal cortex of the brain… the rational reasonable, thinking part of the brain… and the limbic system or emotion centre takes over.

Quite simply, you just can’t think clearly and tend to react rather than respond in a flowing manner

And that’s where tapping is it’s most powerful. It helps calm the stress response.

In this video today, I share a tapping script to help reduce your stress and overwhelm… so you can create clarity in your life.

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