Reclaim your power, Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time, Power


Reclaim your power, Sally Thibault, Isn't It TimeIsn’t it time to reclaim your power?

Do you….

  • Have that one person in your life who consistently takes your power away?
  • Work for somebody that has a way of keeping you in your place or discounting your ideas.
  • Or you are constantly dealing with an energy-vampire who just drains your energy!!

On this week’s show I shared my own story of working with a manipulative energy vampire and why I am so grateful for that experience because it was the best thing that happened to me.

And I shared how you can shift those feelings of powerlessness to worthiness – by understanding the story you are telling yourself.

We ended with a powerful tapping to help you reclaim your power back so you can really manifest that bigger dream for your life.

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