The Living Lighter Show - From Idea to Award Winning Cosmetic Brand

The Living Lighter Show – From Idea to Award Winning Cosmetic Brand

The Living Lighter Show – From Idea to Award Winning Cosmetic Brand

On the Living Lighter Show this week I interviewed CEO & Founder of NAS Cosmetics Jennifer Hinds, who went from an idea to award Winning Cosmetic Brand.

After discovering the ingredients in products she’d been using were making her increasingly ill, she realised the profound effects that chemical-based makeup has on our health.

Unprepared to compromise anymore and knowing she wasn’t alone, she dedicated herself to formulating a meticulous blend of breathable, high-end cosmetics with unique formulas that are

Today, NAS Cosmetics is an International AND National award-winning brand offering a complete range of products that women truly love

It was a fascinating interview and Jennifer was so generous in sharing the challenges, the success and the wisdom she has experienced in her journey to creating this iconic all Australian success story.
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