What will you be saying about your year on 12.12.2018

What will you be saying about your year on 12.12.2018

Time for a Review

Every year, just about this time – I begin to see posts from people talking about the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

Sadly often with comments like “Can’t wait to see the end of this year” “Glad this year is over” “Next year will be MY year”… etc.

Whilst sad things can happen in our lives, many that are out of our control – the one thing we always have control over is how we respond to any situation, event or person.

Outside of that, are the creators of our own reality. Believe it not what we think, we manifest. Scary isn’t it.

Each year is made up of 365 days….

And nothing, not one single magical thing, happens in the space between 11:59 December 31 and 12:00am
January 1…. nothing.

In fact, it’s the same thing that happens every night, in every month, of every year.

The only difference between the end of December and the beginning of January is we also need to remember to change the year date!

But the New Year does gives us an opportunity to review the past and reset our intentions for the future, a tradition that can bring about powerful change.

But to create the year you want, requires some deep inner questioning.

Nothing you ever do is random.

The moment you set an intention – it is already being manifest. Whether you bring it into reality or not, simply depends on what you believe about you!

If you have had a year that didn’t go the way you intended … over the next few days is a perfect opportunity to begin to reflect on the reasons why.

What was going on for me?
Were there any intuitive thoughts I ignored?
Where were the moments when I operated out of my own power?
Did I compromise, give up or listen to judgments?
When did I stop believing in myself?
Where did I shrink to fit other’s expectations?
When did I get caught up in gossip or comparing myself to others?
Where was I not being true to myself?

Once you have exhausted all the possibilities for those questions… then and only then is it time to start recreating a new focus for a new beginning (which by the way you can begin right now if you want!)

But, for the sake of this exercise… Here are the questions to ask if you are feeling that 2018 is going to be YOUR year.

First decide on your one word theme for the year, then from there create your intentions.

Then come the questions…

What am I going to do differently?
What decisions am I going to make each day?
What words am I doing to stop saying?
Who am I going to stop hanging out with?
How am I going to begin and end each day?
What morning routines am I going to commit to?
How often will I meditate? Tap? Workout?
What foods am I going to commit to release from my life?
What foods am I going to eat more of?
What books am I going to read?
What seminars/workshops/events am I going to attend
What metrics am I going to start to measure in my life and your business?
Where am I going to put my daily focus?
What words am I going to stop saying?
What thoughts am I not going to allow to slip by my awareness?
Who am I going to stop blaming?
What emotions am I going to ensure I feel?
Who am I going to stop judging?
Who am I going to stop reacting to?
Who am I going to stop comparing myself to?
How am I going to give back to my community this year?
What am I going to say yes to?
What am I going to say no to… without the need to explain?
How am i going to commit to my own self care?
What beliefs am I going to embrace about me?

If at the end of 2018…you have answered and acted on every single one of those questions, I can almost guarantee that on this day 12.12.2018 you will be heading up your review of the year with the words….

This has been the best 12 months of my life … because….

What will you be saying about your year on 12.12.2018?

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