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Tapping When Things Just Don’t Go Your Way

Posted on 18 February 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

Do you ever have those days when nothing feels like it is going your way? Your intentions are set....You are focused and ready to accept success an...

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Tapping to Release the Need to Be Validated

Posted on 6 February 2017 | Under Money Blog

When we are intending success in any area - whether that be in our health and body, our relationships or in our business, the success you are aiming f...

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Tapping On Roadblocks Standing in Your Way.

Posted on 31 January 2017 | Under Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed that the closer you get to achieving success.. it seems that there are more roadblocks in the way? Do you feel that something...

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Tapping To Always Have Enough Time

Posted on 24 January 2017 | Under Body Blog

Do you find yourself saying "I just don't have time" or "I have so much to do and I can't find the time to do it all?" Or perhaps you feel like there ...

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Tapping On Fear Of Rejection

Posted on 21 January 2017 | Under Body Blog

Do you fear being rejected? Do you find yourself procrastinating if you have to ask for a sale? As for a member to join your team? Or perhaps yo...

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How To Tap On Doubt – EFT with Sally Thibault

Posted on 10 January 2017 | Under Body Blog

So this is the month for setting your intentions in place and tapping is a great way to help achieve them. Creating your 30 day and 90 day intentio...

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Social Media Comparison – Have You Done This?

Posted on 5 January 2017 | Under Body Blog

Because social media is such a visual medium, we can begin to build our own version of other people's lives in our minds... comparing their lives to o...

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Why Reviewing Your Year Is Critical to Success

Posted on 30 December 2016 | Under Body Blog

With only one day now left, before the clock signals a new year... it is now a time to turn a little inwards, to review this past year, and your succe...

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