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Interview with Luke & Susie 96.5FM

Interview with Luke & Susie 96.5FM

In a fun interview, this time I am on the other side of the microphone, being interviewed by Luke and Susie, syndicated radio hosts on over 21 Stations throughout Australia. I share what I do, what I am passionate about, and how I got started as a Life Coach.

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #15 With Katia Millar

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #15 With Katia Millar

On the Reclaim You Podcast Episode this week I have an inspirational Heart-Centred Conversation with the founder of Positive Fabulous Women Katia Millar. Imagine this. You are terrified to speak in public… but desperate to create a network of people who help you to feel positive. And, this single mother, who was once terrified of public speaking, has now facilitated and hosted over 350 events and spoken both on stage and on camera, as well as appearing in numerous press articles.

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #13 With Katie Clift

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #13 With Katie Clift

Katie Clift is an International PR consultant, broadcaster and journalist. Originally from Brisbane Australia, Katie and her husband Matt moving to Greece early in 2017. In this episode Katie shares how she and Matt have embraced living in Greece, learning a new language and still running an international PR and Broadcasting business, while enjoying the history, the energy….and the food of Greece!


Recent Posts

Overcoming Procrastination

Do have a habit of procrastinating? Do you start off the day with good intentions, but often leave things until ‘tomorrow’? Do you struggle with making big decisions? Do you often leave projects till the last minute even though you originally had plenty of time to...


Emma Isaacs CEO of Business Chicks,and author of the book Winging It, talks about it…
Oprah, Michelle Obama, Jane Fonda, Brene Brown and Hilary Clinton talk about it…

And on this week’s Isn’t It Time Facebook Live Show talked about it too…

The one of the reasons many people self-sabotage their success – The Imposter Syndrome.

The Imposter Syndrome impacts on up to 70% of us, at one or more times during our career AND usually just when we are ready upscale our business or career.

So what is the Imposter Syndrome?

It is that sub-conscious worry that we have absolutely no idea what we are doing – and one day somebody might find out.

It is enough to have to trapped in fear, procrastination and playing small.

This week I shared…

1. The five aspects of the Imposter Syndrome
2. How it will sabotage your goals and aspirations in the most mysterious ways
3. Why ‘Stereo-type’ threat keeps you trapped and playing small. No matter how hard you try to act or think otherwise.
4. The steps you can take right now to recognise it and overcome it!

Isn’t It Time To Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Purpose

So you finally get an inkling on what you think your purpose is and for a moment you feel inspired, energised and ready to take on the world
Then something happens. A rejection; A disappointment; or perhaps something you planned didn’t turn out the way the way you wanted.

And you start sabotaging

1. The 6 aspects of self-sabotage
2. How to understand the story behind the sabotage
3. Why overcoming self-sabotage is a journey, not a destination
4. And a tapping session at the end to help uncover the reason!

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