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Reclaim You Podcast Episode #1 with Lisa Winneke

Posted on 20 November 2017 | Under Money Blog, Podcasts

Lisa Winneke is an author, facilitator of women’s circles and workshops, and EFT practitioner who is passionate about championing the greatness in w...

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Tapping to Release the Imposter Syndrome

Posted on 29 August 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

As many as 70% of high achievers share a little secret: Deep down they feel like complete frauds–their accomplishments the result of serendipitous l...

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Reclaim You Podcasts – No. 1 – Coming Soon

Posted on 2 August 2017 | Under Podcasts, Uncategorized

Coming Soon New Series of Podcasts - called the Reclaim You Podcasts. Interviews and heart centered conversations with extraordinary women....

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Tapping on feeling worthy of having money

Posted on 11 July 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

Many times when working with clients, a theme emerges.  Over the past few weeks, that theme has been around 'Feeling worthy to have money', and in pa...

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Tapping to Develop a Strong Belief in Yourself

Posted on 26 June 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

You probably know people who have a strong belief in themselves... but most of us have to work at it, to foster that self-belief. On the path to be...

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Your Money Story – Tapping on Fear of Asking For A Sale

Posted on 15 June 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

Our money story, usually begins in childhood. But can have it's origins in your genealogy! How money was talked about; treated; referred to  - all...

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Tapping When It Feels Safer to Accept 2nd Best

Posted on 12 June 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog

Do you have those moments when you know you are accepting second best? When asking for, or expecting more, feels unsafe, uncomfortable or it just f...

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Tapping to Overcome Embarrassment

Posted on 6 June 2017 | Under Body Blog, Money Blog, Uncategorized

Have you ever had one of those 'I wish I had done that differently' moments? Perhaps you said something in haste and it didn't come across well, ac...

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24.03.2018 | Heard Blog Hackathon – Sharing my story

I am thrilled to be invited to be a speaker at this event If you struggle with health-related issues or you care for someone who does, do you feel li

17.03.2018 | Isn’t It Time – Facebook Live

A weekly Facebook Live Show exclusively for the Wise Woman Entrepreneur... The woman over 50 who is ready to reclaim who she really is! This week's

16.03.2018 | Australian Virtual Assistants Conference Brisbane March 2018

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