Finding the Confidence To Speak Your Truth

Finding the Confidence To Speak Your Truth

Right now it feels as if we live in a polarized world where expressing differing opinions is often fraught with emotion.
Whether that be differing opinions about the story of 2020/21
Whether that be about the Megan & Harry interview
Whether that be about the right diet
Whether that be telling somebody how you feel about they way they have treated you.
And often, trying to speak your truth, can feel fearful and uncomfortable and cause you to have it "all come out the wrong way!!"
In this week's Stronger Leaner Lighter Show I shared
1. Why it is often hard to speak your truth without getting emotional - and what to do about it.
2. How fear masks itself in sabotaging behaviours.
3. The one mantra you need to adopt to help you overcome that fear!
For tapping videos to help you find confidence to speak your truth - You will find many tapping videos here
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