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Motorists are Distracted Every 96 Seconds

AUSTRALIAN motorists are distracted by something other than driving every 96 seconds they are behind the wheel; a landmark study has found. The research, conducted by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, is set to be published in the coming weeks It found...


One of the reasons we struggle to manifest what we want in life… is our habit of embracing and accepting disempowerment. Yes… it’s a habit!! Usually starting in childhood or early teens, we can become so used to feeling disempowered, that we continually attract people...

Carers’ Emotional and Mental Health Needs To Be A Priority

Emotional and Mental Health of Carers in Australia needs to be a priority In National Carers week, Life Strategist, author and mother of a young man living with autism, Sally Thibault. says many mothers take on the lion's share of caring for their children, often at...

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