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Tapping to Develop a Strong Belief in Yourself

You probably know people who have a strong belief in themselves... but most of us have to work at it, to foster that self-belief. On the path to being a conscious business woman; to be a leader in the feminine way of doing business - it can be really challenging to...

Your Money Story – Tapping on Fear of Asking For A Sale

Our money story, usually begins in childhood. But can have it's origins in your genealogy! How money was talked about; treated; referred to  - all impact on how your money story unfolds today. As a conscious business owner, it is important that you understand your...

Tapping When It Feels Safer to Accept 2nd Best

Do you have those moments when you know you are accepting second best? When asking for, or expecting more, feels unsafe, uncomfortable or it just feels strange?  Perhaps you were told things such as "You can't have everything"  or "How do you think other's feel?",......

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