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Choosing a Powerful One-Word Theme for Upcoming Years

The power of a one-word theme.. with added focus for a new decade.

Every year, since 1997, I create a one-word theme for the upcoming year. But before choosing the word for the year and creating new intentions, I do a review the previous year.

This year because it is the end of a decade I decided to expand on that practice, with a review of the past 10 years.

Surprisingly, I discovered that the last decade had a profound theme, that can be summed up in one word – Change – lots and lots of change!

Professionally, the decade meant huge change. At the beginning of 2010, I left a job I had enjoyed for 10 years, and then over the next decade focused on many different career variations, including coaching, counseling, facilitating workshops, speaking, EFT practitioner and trainer, radio life coaching and author. Over that time writing three books, about three different subjects, each coming about due to a change in circumstance and my own personal evolvement.

Personally, it was a decade of great change, beginning at the end of 2011, when our youngest child left school. I remember the feeling when it dawned on me that after 20 years, my life no longer revolved around school pickups, sports days and school reports. Reliving it, I realized it was a time of intense emotion. A sense of grief with that chapter closing, and a sense of uncertainty about what the new chapter would look and feel like.

Then repeat it all over again, starting in 2013 and continuing until 2017, when one by one, each of our children for various reasons, moved to Canada. The dynamics of our close family unit changing dramatically, as we not only began a new life as empty-nesters but with our children all living on another continent!

We didn’t even spend Christmas in one place for more than two years in a row during that decade and Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day or Easter are no longer about family picnics or lunches, instead are now time zone challenged Facetime calls.

Change also happened for us location-wise, as we downsized from a house, we had lived in for 14 years, and moved to an apartment. During the process, selling, giving away or throwing away so many things that had been part of our lives for many years.

After spending a few hours going through the last 10 years, I realized just how disruptive and challenging all those changes had been.

While some change can be good – the amount of change we experienced was physically and emotionally stressful and challenging.

Then as I reviewed each of the one-word themes, I have chosen over the past 10 years, I also realized that many of them have been about change…. Eeek! Words such as transformation, transcendence, abundance, and evolvement, have all at one stage meant change… both personally and professionally.

I then knew the theme I wanted for the beginning of this new decade, and the word, after many versions (at one stage I had 5 to choose from) came easily.

But when I choose my word for the year, I take the process one step further, by creating statements from each of the letters.

Initially, this started out as a bit of fun when I was journaling one day, but now has become an integral part of this whole process, simply because the added statements have always manifested, often in ways I had not originally intended.

The word I have chosen for 2020 is ICONIC. The dictionary meaning is – “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence.” True excellence requires 10,000 hours of focus and dedication to practice. It signifies a new commitment I have made to myself to focus on stability, strategy, leadership, and excellence, which in turn will impact on every decision I make in 2020, about my personal and professional life.

So, the word Iconic has unfolded like this…

I – Individual, Intuitive, Intentional and Informed decisions about every aspect of my life and business. (The Lighter methodology at work in other areas!)
C – Courageously authentic questions, choices, decisions, and actions.
O – Obsession with leadership, excellence, strategy, and focus.
N – Nourish my soul, mind, and body every day – Meditate, Journal, Workout, Read
I – Inspire women all over the world to live Lighter
C – Canada/Australia Freedom Focus ( looks like our next 10 years will mean many trips!!)

From there, I map out physical, emotional, spiritual and professional intentions for the next 30 and 90 days, creating an intentional vision board, being very specific about the images I choose. My word for the year is right in the center of the board!

For my business, I have a large wall calendar that sits right in front of my desk, and I schedule in the major things I want to achieve. With one glance each morning I am reminded what I need to do for the day to make those intentions reality.

For me 2020 is about leadership, focus, stability, excellence, and strategy – my one-word theme this year is all about staying that way!

What is the word you have chosen? And Why? Have you done a review of the past decade? Did you find a theme…? I’d love to know!!

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