Why We Crave Certain Foods - And How To Overcome Them

Why We Crave Certain Foods – And How To Overcome Them

Why We Crave Certain Foods – And How To Overcome Them

Nothing undoes a plan to eat well, than trying to deal with food cravings.

Sometimes stress related, sometime hormonal related, sometimes nutrition deficiency related, controlling those food cravings can often feel insurmountable.

Whether it’s chocolate, or bread, or chips… there is always a reason behind those cravings, and each one represents something different.

On this week’s Stronger Leaner Lighter Show, I shared
1. Why we experience food cravings.
2. What your food craving represents & why ignoring it is the WORST thing to do.
3. How EFT (Tapping) can help you discover the reason behind the craving.. and help you overcome it .. all at the same time
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