Reclaim You Podcast Episode #15 With Katia Millar


On the  Reclaim You Podcast Episode this week I have an inspirational Heart-Centred Conversation with the founder of Positive Fabulous Women Katia Millar

Imagine this

You are a single mother with two young boys diagnosed with ADHD.

Stuck in a job that feels soul destroying…. but the bills have to be paid.

You are terrified to speak in public… but desperate to create a network of people who help you to feel positive.

10 years ago, that was my guest on this week’s podcast Katia Millar.

Today, Katia is the founder and Chief ‘Inspirational officer’, of Positive Fabulous women – a Toronto Canada based networking community with a community of over 15,000 women.

And, this single mother, who was once terrified of public speaking, has now facilitated and hosted over 350 events and spoken both on stage and on camera, as well as appearing in numerous press articles.

If you feel that what you are doing right now is not speaking to your soul.

If you know that you need to be doing something different in 2018 – but don’t know quite where to start or how to do it …

Katia’s story will inspire you into action. Click on the link to listen to Katia’s Inspirational Story


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