How to Make 2018 Count – Facebook Live

How to Make 2018 Count – Facebook Live

This week I hosted my first Facebook Live Show for the year – How to Make 2018 Count, with my good friend, Health and Essential Oils Educator Kris Barrett.

Every time Kris and I get together, something magical happens.

And it happened on this show as well.

  • Why a one-word theme and why it is more critical now than ever before
  • Thepower of creating a vision board – and why ‘pretty pictures’ are not enough
  • And how to use Essential Oils to create focus, motivation and the all important energy you need – especially on the challenging days.


…and we did a live tapping session!

Right there on the call – the breakthroughs happened!

It was just magic!

If you missed it, just click on the link below and you can watch it.

Make sure you have pen and paper handy to take notes. – this could just help you make 2018 count!!​​​​​​​


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