But will I look like Arnie? – Sally Thibault, Strength Training

But will I look like Arnie? – Sally Thibault, Strength Training

Things have certainly changed in the fitness industry.

When I first started teaching, way back in 1980, the emphasis was on aerobic training.  Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s book Aerobics became the bible for those of us early adopters in the fitness movement. We all believed that lot’s of aerobic exercise would make us all thinner!

But over the last 30 years, that way of thinking has changed… and changed for the better.

These days the emphasis is off long duration aerobic exercise and the focus has shifted to a more sustainable and effective way of exercising, and perhaps, more importantly, Weight/Strength training, especially for women.

Strength training, in particular, is the one thing that will totally change your body shape.  And isn’t what we really want?  Not to be skinny but to be the best shape we can possibly be.  Nothing works better in changing your body shape than by adding strength training a couple of days per week to your routine.

And no… you will not end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger!   Muscle bulk is dependent largely upon testosterone production.  Men have an average of 15-20 times more testosterone than women and you would have to work pretty darn hard to ‘bulk up’.

Instead, increasing your strength and muscle mass helps make you look and feel stronger.  Helps improve bone density and strength, increases metabolism decreased blood pressure and helps provide more energy.

So why not challenge yourself to begin thinking in terms of ‘strength’ not skinny.

A great weekly exercise routine would be something like this. Two exercise sessions per week, where you focused on weight training.  A simple exercise routine that worked on increasing your strength. If you have not exercised for a while it is probably best to join a gym and have a trainer run you through some effective weight training exercises, or buy yourself some heavy hand weights and add them to a routine at home.

The second aspect of your weekly routine would be some High-Intensity Interval Training.  Now you can do this two ways.

Firstly, if you are already walking or running, about three times during your regular workout, spend 30 seconds going as fast as you can, then go back to your normal pace for about a minute and repeat two more times.

If you are really ready to make a change the 7 Minute workout  – is a great free app available on both Apple and Android, and if repeated two or three times is a fabulous workout you can do without leaving home!  (If you have not exercised in a while, however, please check with your doctor before commencing any high-intensity interval training program)

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