Will 2016 will be “YOUR” year?

Will 2016 will be “YOUR” year?

So you have you decided that 2016 will be “YOUR” year? 1891243_924903340872064_4113858245720956330_n

Perhaps 2015 was not the best year, but you are determined to make 2016 better?

Whilst setting intentions, goals and making statements about making next year your best are great… Unless you DO something – the reality is that NOTHING will change.

There are 86,400 seconds or 1440 minutes in each day.  At any determining second or minute you have the opportunity to change the direction of your life.

But most new years resolutions won’t make it past the first week of January –  for one simple reason – unless YOU change, nothing will!

In order to change your life – you must RELEASE the pattern that has created your current reality. Then REFRAME, REDESIGN and REPOWER you to create a new reality.

Our subconscious mind determines what we believe about ourselves.  Those beliefs are created through events / words / or people from our past.  What we believe about ourselves we attract.

Our beliefs determine our thoughts.

Our thoughts become our emotions.

Our emotions turn into our feelings.

Our feelings determine our words.

Our words influence our actions

And our actions become our reality.

If you want to change the last – you must change the first.

You can’t stop bad things happening.  There will be tragedy in the world, there will be illness, there will be disappointment, there will be frustrating people who have an amazing habit of getting right under your skin – but how you respond to those events, will determine your reality.

If you want to change your reality and make 2016 “Your best year yet” – the first place to start is to re-examine the determining the patterns of your life.

Where in your life do you say -“ I always do that?” Where in your life do you think “This always happens to me?  Where in your life do you feel like “I never get what I want.”

In order to recreate a new reality first we use Tapping to release the emotional charge surrounding a memory. The pain of a memory that holds you back from stepping into your light.

Next we shift into reframing and reclaiming the real you. Allowing you to reach into the future to re-design, repower and recreate a new reality in your present.

When then happens you feel more powerful, more confident… and a tad invincible. Your vibrational energy lifts and you begin to manifest and attract into your life exactly what you need and want.  Because YOU change.

Your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions realign to the real you. The person you were before those people /events and words changed the destiny of your life.

So if you are really serious about making 2016 your best year yet – Reserve your seat at one of the most powerful days you will ever experience.

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