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Why You Don’t Get What You Want & How To Change It

Why You Don’t Get What You Want

So – you do all the right things…
You’ve created a gorgeous Vision Board
You’ve set goals
You practice the Law of Attraction
You say positive affirmations over and over again
You use EFT…
BUT it’s like there is a huge block standing in your way and it feels like you never get what you want!!

On this week’s Living Lighter Show I shared…

  1. Why EFT will always uncover that block .. BUT ONLY if it is done properly! (and the one important thing most people miss!)
  2. Why the Law of Attraction is always working – even if it feels like it is not!!!!
  3. The exact steps we took to manifest our perfect place to live and our dream family trip at a time when everybody told us both were impossible.
If you want to be able to finally clear those blocks that seem to be standing in the way of getting what you really want – and deserve, get in touch.
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Sally Thibault