We Play Small and How to Change It

We Play Small and How to Change It

We Play Small and How to Change It

On this week’s Living Lighter Show we talked about why it is difficult for so many of us to stop playing small .

To be able to …
???? To speak our truth with courageous authenticity.
???? To do what we came here to do.
???? To release the blocks that are keeping us playing small.

On the show “We Play Small and How to Change It” I shared

 The role our emotional brain plays and how to change that
 How to find the beliefs that are not yours to begin with
 How an experience at an event 3 years ago, made me realise I was playing small.. and what I needed to do to change it.

And this week, we finished the show with a powerful = tapping session to help you uncover what is keeping you playing small, to discover how to speak your truth with courageous authenticity, to become that Stronger Leaner and Lighter version of you!!!????

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