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Why We Don’t Like Women Leaders

Why We Don’t Like Women Leaders?

The latest leadership spill has shocked many Australians, but the demise of Deputy Prime Minister, Julie Bishop, proved yet again that while we all know women would make good leaders, we just don’t believe they can be. And Australia’s track record in supporting women into leadership lags behind many developed nations, with the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Equity Report ranking Australia #35 whilst New Zealand, is placed #9. Life Strategist, Sally Thibault, believes that the problem is that we subconsciously believe men are genetically wired to be ‘stronger’ leaders, On this interview I chat with Stephen Cenatiempo – Australia by night about why we must address the key elements of these subconscious beliefs, otherwise the road to gender equity will be painfully slow.

Click on the image to listen to the interview or click here to listen to LAFM interview.

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