Why Setting Goals Creates Confidence

Why Setting Goals Creates Confidence

It’s July… So how are all of those goals you set back in January going?

The middle of the year is the ideal time to begin reflecting on your goals that you set back in December or January

The goal to lose weight, make more money, find peace and happiness, what ever it was.

Now is the time to get real.  With 6 months now till the end of 2015, you have plenty of time to make any changes you need or want to make to achieve the goals that you wanted.

You know every time we make a commitment or goal and we don’t keep that commitment to our self, it impacts on our self-esteem… and the opposite is true as well.  Every time you set a goal and you achieve it – it’s like you send yourself a little high 5

Perhaps you had some fabulous goals set for this year, but the gloss has worn off the initial goals reality is setting in and you find yourself slipping back into some old patterns?

Did you know, that often happens because we hold on to old patterns and beliefs… because it feels safer that way…  Even though you really want to change it, the unknown can feel quite scary.

One question I always ask an audience when I am speaking is “If you achieved this goal you wanted –who would you have to become?”  What would you talk to your friends about at the next BBQ?  And how would they react?

You see often, as much as we want to shift a goal or a habit – staying in it surrounds us in comfort.

So go back and have a look at those goals you set back in January and ask some questions

1. Was this a reasonable goal

2. Am I really ready to change this, or have I become too comfortable

3. ARe there people in my life who would be way happier if I didn’t change

4. Am I scared of changing

5. What do I have to do today, tomorrow and the next day to make this a reality… for my confidence!

Now is is the time to ramp up and readjust.  You have 184 days to get it all back on track before you will be doing this all over again

If you need help getting your goals back on track, register for a free strategy session with me to see if and how I can help you to be Fit and Fabulous… no matter what age!

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