Who will you be when this is over?

Who will you be when this is over?

Who will you be when this is over?

We are in an extraordinary moment in history and for many people, it is an extremely challenging time on many levels.

But those of us who have experienced really tough times in the past know, that in hindsight, those tough times change us at a deep core level, and can change the trajectory of our lives.

Who will you be when this is over? This moment in history is giving us a gift. A gift of time, to retreat and re-imagine a new reality for ourselves that perhaps will be far greater than we believed possible.

This is our time… the time of the wise woman – the urgent need for strong feminine Leaders of Calm, who can help guide others find their life re-imagined moments too.

Kindly watch this video and take part in the visualization and meditation and Tapping at the end, to re-imagine your new life and ask yourself the question “How do I choose my life to be when this is over?”…the choice is yours!

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