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What Behavior Will You NOT Accept Today?

What behavior will you NOT accept today?

What boundaries are you willing to both put into place and ensure they stay that way?

Where are you accepting the behavior of somebody else?
???? To keep the peace.
???? Avoid conflict…
???? Play small, because it is safe.
???? Because you don’t feel worthy enough of better.

Accepting the behavior of others is a choice.. and the behavior you accept is always a reflection of how you value your own worth.

And the responsibility to create those boundaries – is never about anybody else – it is always about you.

Their behavior simply triggers what you need to work on.

Many years ago I had a business partner who betrayed my trust, by ‘stealing’ a business idea and making it their own.

And for years after that event, I was angry. Really angry, And I couldn’t get past it.

Until one day when I was tapping (furiously on the issue) all of a sudden I realized something.
I had actually been putting up with their bad behavior for months before the final event.

There were so many AHA moments, that I just ignored, made up a story about to justify it, or decided to let it go, because I was fearful of calling it out.
Not only that, but this particular experience was not the first. In fact, it was a pattern of mine where I allowed others to cross over boundaries many times in the past. simply because I didn’t VALUE my own worth
OMG!! Cue marching bands and baton twirlers… I GOT IT!!

It was not that this person had done anything TO me at all. I was ATTRACTING the behavior because of what I BELIEVED about me

And the moment I got that… everything changed. I felt lighter, more energetic, more joyful and was able to forgive them and myself.

The more we look outside and lay blame and justify what others do and how they make us feel.. the further away we move from our own evolvement.

When we release the emotional connection to memories of the past, we give ourselves permission to rewrite a powerful new story for the future.

And it can start right now!

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