What began as an ordinary day….

What began as an ordinary day….

So I thought today was going to be an ordinary day, but by 9am, I realised it was something very different.
If you have been following my Facebook posts over the last few weeks, you will see that we had a wonderful holiday in Canada with our three grown up kids (and our Canadian daughter)
For the past week I have been a bit in mourning. Our kids are scattered all over the world, and I miss them being part of our daily lives – you know, dropping in for dinner, being able to meet the girls on a Saturday and go shopping, that type of thing.

I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for myself – when we told our kids that it was important that they travel, move away from home to follow their dreams – I didn’t think they would listen (they didn’t listen when I told them to clean up their rooms!!)

But today was a bit of a reality check

First thing this morning I received a message from my youngest daughter to tell me she got a new job. Five months ago she packed herself up and moved to Vancouver, all by herself. She didn’t know a soul, had nowhere to live and no job. But in that time she has found a place to live, with some great roommates, found a job (a few actually) together with the help of a couple of amazing people she is feeling right at home in her new city.

Next a message from my son, who has been living in Montreal for 2 years. His job is going from strength to strength. He started out as a video editor and now a producer with one of Youtube’s biggest channels. His videos regularly get over 1 million hits and a few of them over 10 million. He loves his new life, as much as he loves his lovely girlfriend.

Then to top it off, I was listening to my daughter read breakfast news for one of the country’s most listened to Breakfast radio stations. She is normally the Drive Time newsreader , but today was filling in for her boss who is unwell – her doing that means pulling a double shift! Today also happened to be the anniversary of the day six years ago that she first started in radio, in a small regional radio program, which meant she too had to move away from home.

So while I am sad that they are living away from home I am also exceptionally proud of the way they have created their success. All on their own, self directed, confident, believing in their ability to be their own people.

That’s what true parenting is isn’t it? Giving them wings to fly, and letting them do it.
So what does that mean for me?

Well their success and new life, gives me the freedom to do what I love to do best, mentor and work with women in their 50’s who want to be Fit and Fabulous. You see, that’s what I plan to do (although I may have to change that title to something beginning with ‘S’, soon!) 😉

Because just because your kids move out of home, doesn’t mean you have to stop, in fact, it means taking that amazing energy, wisdom and intuition and carving something just for you.
My children are a constant source of inspiration for me. They stay focused, they keep moving – and so I can too! And thank goodness we live in the most wonderful time that I can talk to them all the time!

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