Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb – AHA Moment

You know when you hear something that just resonates as a huge .. OMG it’s truth bomb- AHA moment!

I was listening to an online webinar when I heard Hypnotherapist Marissa Peer say “The mind cannot hold two conflicting thoughts!”
It was then I realized “Of course… and because our brain does not like change it will naturally default to the negative…because that keeps us stuck in our comfort zone and safe!!!”
Can you relate to this??
✔”I want to lose weight ….but I hate getting up early to workout”
✔ “I want to make more money… but don’t want to work longer hours”
✔”I want to find the person of my dreams … but I don’t want to get hurt again!!”
Talk about double whammy!!
How often do you do that?
On the one hand make a powerful statement about what you do that, to then in the next instance state exactly what you don’t want!!!.

To change it requires you to catch the negative second thought and create a ‘real-time’ change…
????I choose to release the weight that no longer serves me, and I am enjoying waking up early to exercise, I have so much more energy”
????”I choose to make more money… and I am loving being so focused and productive”
????”I choose to find the person of my dreams, I am so grateful that I am attracting beautiful authentic people into my life.
” Tada!!!! Do you do this?

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