Sally Thibault, Isn't It Time, eat intuitively


Isn’t it time to eat intuitively to turn back time?

Are you able to master every other challenge in your life… except this one?

Have you tried Detoxing? Low-Carb? Clean Eating? 12-week challenges?. and they work initially …. but the results never last?

Well, there is a better way – what’s more, once you master this – you will never look back!!

On this week’s show, I shared how to embrace the art and the science of Intuitive Eating into your life.

1. Why your body never lies… the message is always there.
2. The 3 core elements of Intuitive Eating that must work in harmony.
3. How our past stories create our current reality through rehearsed reactions.
4. Why today’s most popular ‘low carb’ diet trend may make you thinner – but may also make you older (if you are over 50 – you don’t want to miss this!!!!)

Are you ready to overcome this one final challenge – so you can really create that bigger dream for your life?

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