Isn’t it time to choose to be courageously vulnerable?

Why do we hold ourselves back from taking risks, pretend we have it all together?

Strength is not in denying vulnerability, but rather stepping into it, allowing ourselves to trust in being ourselves. But it can come with huge risks, mostly showing up as fear – of rejection, ridicule or failure.

Dr. Brene Brown cites vulnerability as on of the key elements to living what she calls a whole hearted life.

But is there a place for vulnerability in this world where social media gives everybody a voice and an opinion?

What does being courageously vulnerable really mean?

And how do you own your own vulnerability in a way that brings a greater depth of joy and success to your life?

On the show I share my own powerful vulnerability story and how it created a whole new career,and why I think it is not only the key to stepping into courageous feminine leadership… but the essential cornerstone!

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