The Urgent Need for Leaders of Calm

The Urgent Need for Leaders of Calm

The Urgent Need for Leaders of Calm

Many people, even though being quite pragmatic about CoVid 19, are feeling or experiencing a ‘low grade’ anxiety.

The world needs Leaders of Calm—people who are wise, practical, and sensible to help others who are feeling fearful and uncertain.

Yesterday I facilitated a Facebook Live in my Living Lighter group, using Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping). Those in the group understand how to be triggered to their low-grade anxiety is with the use of EFT.

As they participated in the Tapping, many began recalling times in their lives when they felt fear because presence felt out of their control. As we ‘tapped’ on the emotional connection to those memories, the anxiety or fear started to dissipate, and a sense of calm and empowerment returned.

Those of us who have lived through the Recession of the ’90s, the Dot Com Bubble, 911, or the Global Financial Crisis, remember experiencing challenging times in business. The happenings with CoVid19 can trigger memories of past, fear of the unknown future, or the reality of the present.
Challenging times build courage and resilience, and the realization that you are far more capable than you believe possible. Building resilience is the ability to recognize when the anxiety is impacting on the actions you are taking.

Clarity and Resilience

But standing in the way of that clarity and resilience are the ripple effects of fear. When people see images of panic buying in supermarkets and empty shelves, they began to imagine shortages and panic and anxiety rise.
For instance, no matter how many times toilet paper manufacturers and large retailers have said there will be no shortages -people are still panicked by seeing the empty shelves, and the fear, like the ripples on a pond, continue to grow exponentially.

If you are feeling fearful or anxious, even if you try to hide it, other people feel it on you, and it creates a contagion effect of more fear. Like throwing a rock into a lake and watching the ripples of the water flow outwards, each ring getting larger and larger.

The Heart Math Institute

The Heart Math Institute, in the United States, has undertaken numerous studies to measure what they term, Heart Resonance. The impact of your emotional energy on those around you. What they discovered was that your ‘heart resonance’ actually reaches out about three meters or nine feet from you!

Have you ever walked into a room where people have been arguing, and they stop talking, and you can just ‘feel’ the nervous energy? That’s Heart Resonance.

The emotions you feel the impact on others.

That is why we need Leaders of Calm, to spread more heart-based reassurance and leadership. People with pragmatic, solution-based energy inspire others to lift out of fear and create intuitive solutions to the CoVid19 crisis.

So How Do You Find Calm amid Anxiety?

The moment you feel yourself moving into any fear or anxiety, the first step is to acknowledge it. Just by accepting it, helps to take some intensity off the feeling. A modality like EFT (Tapping) to calm the emotional responses while being aware of why the anxiety is triggering you. Sometimes when you felt like you had no control or unsafe in a crowd could trigger an irrational fear-based response. Once you feel calmer and more focused, then ask yourself, “How can I create a solution that works?” Then let your intuition do the rest.

This time will pass, just like all the crises of the past, and we will be OK. In the meantime, we need to follow factual advice and focus on building both strong physical and emotional immunity. Following accurate information and focus could be the beginning of a whole new way of doing business that could change the world.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the low-grade anxiety and feeling stuck in making decisions, click here to book in for a free strategy session to see if and how I can help you create wisdom-based solutions for you, your staff, or your business.

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