The Power of a One Word Theme

Each year since 1997, I have chosen a one-word theme for the coming year.

The Power of a One Word Theme

After 20 years, the process has become more powerful, more meaningful and more magical… but I do it a little different than most people.

I would like to share with you how this process has unfolded for me, and why it has become such an integral part of my life, and the linchpin of my coaching.


The first step in choosing a word for the coming year, is to review the previous year’s word, or theme, and how it unfolded.

That involves asking many questions (see the blog post here)

It is a deep thorough review of the year, to celebrate successes and uncover lessons of the past year.

I am still surprised, after all this time, in how powerful my theme is in manifesting exactly what I desire and what I need to see.

It feels as if Divine Guidance takes the word and turns it into a reality that is always far greater than I think possible.

2017 was a true testimony to that.

The word I chose was PROSPERITY.

And in reviewing the year, I discovered a pattern.

I had manifested exactly what I wanted and needed every time I focused on exactly what I wanted and needed, but without knowing how it would unfold or having any attachment to the outcome.

I realised that my word PROSPERITY, evolved as a consciousness… that manifested people, opportunities and money into my life, always with perfect timing, and often in ways that could not be explained rationally!.

In my review, I was also able to identify the times throughout the year when events or people in my life, did not reflect a prosperity consciousness!

And how, when I fell out of that consciousness, by focusing on those events or people, it manifested as self-imposed limitations, causing me to fall into stress, doubt or fear.

I realised that when stopped living with a Prosperity consciousness, my manifestation ability was compromised.

I could see very clearly when and where that happened and it gave me the clue about what I needed to focus on for 2018.


One-word themes can become a feel-good statement, with lots of people making them in the glow of new year energy, but failing to put the desired energy behind it to make it meaningful.

So to create true meaning and power, I create a sentence, a question or an intention from each letter of the word, which then forms the basis of my intentions, with actions to manifest outcomes.

For example – My word for 2018 is LIMITLESS (based on uncovering the patterns of self-imposed limitations from 2017)

Taking the first letter of LIMITLESS… I chose the statement for the letter ‘L” – “Laugh often, Live purposefully, Love unconditionally.”

The actions include….

LAUGH OFTEN (just one week with my sisters has taken care of the laughing part for many weeks! :)), and I also intend to watch more comedies, purposefully seek connections with friends who love to laugh and to laugh at myself easily and often.

LIVE PURPOSEFULLY my first action was to take Facebook off my phone and set an intention to only spend 20 minutes twice a day on that platform…I figured I just gained back about two hours a day :)!

So now each moment of my day is steeped deep in purposeful living rather than scanning other people’s lives and judging myself about what I think I SHOULD be doing.

LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY – To tap daily to forgive and let go of past hurts, to release judgement of myself and others, and to volunteer this year for causes I am passionate about.

I then do that for each letter, with each sentence having a different focus.


I love this part, creating a vision board, with the images representing my word, my theme and my intentions.

The vision board is exceptionally important and I am very specific about what goes on the board!

When we create a vision in our mind of what we want, our brain becomes wired to seek out the opportunities to make that vision possible.

Because I am looking at my vision board for at least 4-5 hours a day (it’s in front of my computer) I can easily recreate my vision board images in my mind when I am meditating each morning,

As I meditate, I focus on each image on the vision board being aware of any limiting thoughts around each image. I then become aware of the pattern of that limitation, to enable me to release it.


Daily action is the key to manifesting your intentions.

I make sure I am taking daily actions that move me forward to manifesting the images on my vision board.

That includes things like daily exercise, meditation, tapping, writing daily intentions, watching a funny video or sharing funny stories with family and friends, setting aside two-hours per day for undisturbed, deep focused work – all actions that move me closer to my desired intentions.

Choosing a one-word theme, creating statements from each letter that match your intentions, then creating daily action steps will help you stay focused on your own path to achieve the success in 2018, you want, and you deserve.

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