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The Need For Leaders of Calm

The Need For Leaders of Calm

It’s hard to believe that only 12 weeks ago, we were celebrating the excitement, hope, and anticipation of a brand new year. And now, we are in the midst of perhaps the most challenging times our generation has ever faced.

There is a huge concern for the health of our most vulnerable. At the same time, we have also witnessed some of the worst of human behavior caused by fear and lack.


Incredibly, at the same time, we also see the best of humanity through many acts of kindness and generosity.

On the weekend, my 88-year-old father called me to tell me two stories.

First, a young guy who used to live across the road from him dropped by to see how he was doing. Chris brought not only Dad two rolls of toilet paper, but also some fish he had just caught!
(Last time he came he bought wine … how times have changed!!!)

Then later that day, Dad was in a long queue at his local supermarket, when two different people offered for him to go ahead of them, so he wouldn’t have to stand too long.

I could have cried hearing those stories of kindness. And, my normally judgmental and a bit impatient father, was very moved.

While, for many of us, this virus may not affect us physically, it is going to impact all of us – emotionally, spiritually, and economically.

We are in an unprecedented moment in history that requires us to think differently about who we are and our role on the planet.

Leaders of Calm

I believe we are being called to be Leaders of Calm. To think intuitively, to act abundantly, and to lead with authentic courage and compassion.

Those who committed to being responsible for their well-being over the years – emotionally, spiritually, and physically – this is why. We have done the work, so we were prepared to navigate a challenge like this.

Many spiritual leaders predicted 2020 as the year of Exposure. When we would see people for who they were, and experience what was necessary.

We are seeing it right now, where the power is shifting.

Where suddenly health, well being, compassion, authenticity, abundance, love, and non-judgment are now the new currency. Intuitive decision making is now the new power.

And like a never-ending feedback loop, when you live with those intentions, you will also experience them back to you, often in ways, you could not have imagined.

Facebook Live

On this week’s Facebook Live, in the Living Lighter Facebook group, I shared the most profound lessons I learned throughout our most challenging of times. The recession of the ’90s was, as my children say, “same, same, but different” to what we are going through now.

During that time, there was a profound change to the way people had lived and acted in the preceding decade, breaking down systems that were no longer sustainable. I believe we are experiencing similar times right now.

For me, that time changed what I believed about life, the power of trusting my intuition, and subsequently led to the work I do now.

At the end of the Live, we did a powerful meditation and visualization to help release stress or fear, so you can access your intuition to make the decisions that are right for you, both personally and professionally. When nothing seems to make sense anymore, your intuition will always guide you!

In the group, you will also see three adaptive EFT/Tapping videos to help deal with low-grade anxiety, sadness, and fear. These videos use other tapping points – rather than the ones on your face!! Prudent practice to stay healthy in these extraordinary times.

Click here to access the Living Lighter Group, the Live, and all the videos.

To view more of Sally Thibault’s activity, you may visit us here: https://sallythibault.com.au/

Stay well and share calm and kindness this week, you never know who needs it most,

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