The Five Stages of Change

The Five Stages of Change

The Five Stages of Change

Ready to re-intend 2020 but not sure how to implement the changes necessary?

While it’s easy to set an intention for what you want, the challenge lies in navigating the five stages of change, to make sure that intention becomes a reality!

On this week’s Living Lighter Facebook Live show I shared how to…

1. Gain a deep understanding of each of the five stages
2. Identify which stage you are in
3. Know what to do to transition through the stages, to achieve the success you want… and deserve!

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I started my introductions with ” I’m really excited about today’s show, it is a one that’s kind of close to my heart and something that I work all the time with my clients and that’s looking at where they are when it comes to where they’re at at this moment. So I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the comments today. We will be going through this, and we’ll stop the kind of halfway through and go back through the comments, but please just above this is where you can give stream yard the permission to add your comments…” to know more kindly watch the video.

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