Tapping When Self Doubt Overwhelms You

Tapping When Self Doubt Overwhelms You

Day two of our October Abundance Tapping.  Today it’s about releasing the emotional intensity around one of the greatest saboteurs to creating abundance in our lives – SELF DOUBT.

Once we intend more abundance in our lives – whether that be in health, business, finances or relationships, – we have already begun the process of making that intention real.

The process unfolds in two ways.

First – You must be crystal clear on what you want.  In doing so, you send a powerful message to the Universe, Source, God  (what ever word resonates for you), and that power begins to support you by creating possibilities.

Secondly, your job is to now to expand your awareness to be ready to recognise the possibilities that present themselves to you. At the same time to be very aware of any limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions or feelings that come up for you.  In tapping we call them ‘tail enders’… The little voice in your head that stops you seeing the possibilities and causes the doubt to be loud in your head!

You have  been born with the knowledge you need to make any possibility a reality.

The only thing that stands in the way is what you believe about yourself. What you believe you are capable of.  What you believe you are worthy of. What you believe is possible.

But here’s the thing, those beliefs are not real. They are the outcome of a negative emotional event, person or word from your past that caused you to lose the ‘knowing’ and begin the DOUBT.

Here is what possibilities look like – a thought, an idea, an opportunity.  A person who suddenly shows up in your life and says something that sparks an “OMG – that’s exactly what I was looking for” moment.

In that moment, it comes down to what you believe about yourself as to what you do next.

Abundance is a two way street.  I once heard a quote from author and speaker T. Harv Ecker who said “I have yet to meet somebody who is meditating and a bag of money drops on their head!”

That is the one thing that many people miss. Thinking if they just ‘put it out there to the Universe’, suddenly the abundance they seek will just flow. All too often, when I am working with clients, it becomes very obvious that often those possibilities are missed, because they are waiting for the bag of money to drop in their head!

If you want abundance in your life and it’s not happening ask yourself – Am I 100% clear on what I really want?  What action am I taking to co-create this intention?   Is DOUBT holding me back?  Is that DOUBT causing inaction, procrastination or fear?

Today’s Tapping Video is on releasing the emotional intensity around Self-Doubt.  Let me know what happens…..

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These tapping videos are intended to simply ‘lower the emotional intensity’ around a thought.  In order to create real change, working with an experience Certified EFT Practitioner can help.

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