Tapping to Release the Need to Be Validated

Tapping to Release the Need to Be Validated

When we are intending success in any area – whether that be in our health and body, our relationships or in our business, the success you are aiming for must come from the purest of your intentions. In other words it’s what you want.

But sometimes, along the way, we confuse our desire for success with the need to be validated.

To be validated by others because we don’t feel good enough, smart enough or worthy enough.. or we are seeking the acceptance of others.

And sometimes in that process we accept the behaviour of others, that does not honour us. Or we continually seek the validation from those closest to us… and that validation often never comes.

The need for validation can start early… seeking approval from our parents; acceptance by school friends where perhaps you put up with other people treating you badly in order to fit in… or to prove that you were worthy of being part of the group.

But unless your desire to succeed truly comes from what YOU want… Unless you are working towards an intention, because YOU want to achieve it… or you want to leave a legacy for your children.. it can be a hollow success that just never seems to be enough

All relationships, whether in family, friends or in business must be built on the foundations of balanced giving and receiving. If there is an imbalance, you will be hard to sustain.

If you are living your life seeking to be validated by somebody, your success will feel hard, frustrating and empty.

In this video, I share a bit of a different tapping round. This is not a ‘once’ off video, rather one to come back to over and over again.
To just check that in fact the success you are working towards comes from your heart.

If you need help in getting to the patterns of accepting the behaviour of others to validate you, click on the link below to book at free 30 minute session with me to see if and how I can help you clear the patterns that hold you back from truly living your best life.

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