Feeling Fat

Tapping On Feeling Fat & Frumpy

Tapping On Feeling Fat & Frumpy

In this week’s #stresslessoctober series – its all about getting real.
Tapping on the thoughts you don’t tell others about, because you are supposed to be positive and upbeat.
Those thoughts and beliefs that stop you from really being brilliantly you
So, first up – Video #12 Tapping On Feeling Fat & Frumpy is a script to use on those days when you just feel ‘fat and frumpy’….
Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to fit?
When your hair won’t go right?
When you look in your wardrobe and can’t find anything that looks good?
When you look in the mirror and can’t see anything to be positive about?
When it seems that every post you see on social media is of people looking amazing, and you don’t feel it?
In this video, I share a tapping script to help you reduce the intensity of those negative feelings, and reframe with a little body love and positivity.
It is a great video to do when ever you have one of those down days – especially when you are starting out on the Intuitive Eating Journey – and how to bounce back and find something to love about your body.
That’s how and why tapping can be so powerful, because it helps you find deep thoughts and beliefs that you really have, but you try to ignore, and helps you reframe a different way of looking at life. So you can just get on with the job of being brilliantly you!


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