Tapping for Procrastination

Tapping for Procrastination

Many people struggle with procrastination.  And the opposite to what many people may think… procrastination has very little to do with laziness, but rather protection.

Procrastination is your mind’s way of protecting you.  Often arising from either fear of failure or fear of success.  The fear that we might fail if we don’t do well enough… or the fear that we might shine or be successful.  In my work with clients I find that most of my clients are more fearful of success than they are of failure!

Fear of success has a whole series of aspects.  Perhaps you were successful in the past as it impacted on a relationship. Perhaps you were teased for being successful, or being a success means you no longer fitted in.

In this video today, I share a tapping sequence to help you discover how to overcome procrastination

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