Tapping for Exam Anxiety

Tapping for Exam Anxiety

All children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in Australia will soon undergo their annual NAPLAN tests.

For many children the anxiety of these test increases their stress levels dramatically.

When stressed, the bulk of the blood flow is actually diverted away from your forebrain (our higher reasoning centre) and instead moves towards the hind brain and mid brain – responsible for reaction and subconscious control.  In his New York Times best selling Book Brain Rules, Dr John Medina states that “the stressed brain can’t learn.”

In other words, if your child is feeling highly stress or anxious, they simply can’t perform to best of their ability – it is physiologically impossible!  Whilst a little stress and adrenalin is important for good performance, it is when the stress impacts on our body physically that you need to be concerned.  Your child might tell you that they have a ‘pain in their tummy’, they may be more aggressive towards their siblings (more than normal!) or they may tell you they ‘can’t remember.’

All of those physical responses are the aspects of the “flight, fight or freeze’ stress response.  Through tapping you can help reduce the responses so that your child is free to complete any test or exam confidently.

In this video today, I share a tapping sequence you can do to help your child overcome the anxiety or stress of NAPLAN… or any exam where they feel overwhelmed

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