Tapping, Bullying and Powerlessness

Tapping, Bullying and Powerlessness

Bullying is a very personal issue for me

My son experienced bullying almost every day of his life.  In fact, in Year 10 it became so bad that we pulled him out of school.

My daughters also experienced the very Australian habit of the Tall Poppy syndrome, being regularly ‘cut down to size’ by classmates, because of their desire to achieve success.

The pain of sending your child to school every day knowing that they feel unsafe, unhappy or isolated is heart wrenching. However, intuitively I knew that whilst I took every action to bring this to the awareness of the school staff, it was also my role to help my children process the hurt so that it did not impact on them in later life.

Before I came across tapping, this process would take hours and hours of talking, venting, processing and reframing.  Each time my heart would be breaking, as I was also processing, at the same time, my own childhood memories of being bullied.

I believed that we never ever get over bullying, we simply learn to live with it; deal with it; and just package the emotion up in a box within our hearts, rather than ever really healing it.

Until now.

Three years ago I was introduced to Tapping, at a time when I was experiencing, what I now know, was a re-creation of a pattern of bullying in my life.

A group of women decided to ‘gang’ up on me. A group of women I trusted and liked.  Whilst it was happening I went straight to ‘Why me?”  My way of dealing with it was to not talk about, try to ignore the emotional pain and remove myself from them and interaction with others…. just the same way I had dealt with similar issues when I was at school.

I have come to understand that life is about patterns.  Patterns that we continue to attract into our lives until we are ready to heal them.

Whilst it was shocking to think that in my 50’s I had come across this again, when I asked myself the question “When has this happened before in my life?” the memory of years of the same types of incidents suddenly came flooding back.

This was not a one off in my life – this had happened to me before… over… and over… and over again. Then came the realisation that I had actually attracted it into my life!

The earliest memory I remembered had occurred almost 50 years before, when in Year 2 at school.  A group of friends decided to  exclude me from ‘the gang’, because they considered me to be ‘teachers pet’.

I was a high achieving child who worked very hard to always do the right thing in school. And I was rewarded with awards for my efforts. Something I was really proud of – until I realised that it didn’t make you any friends. In fact, the cool kids didn’t like it at all.  I spiralled downwards in my teens, failed high school, hung out with the wrong crowd, drank lots of alcohol – trying to fit in and not be excluded.

As I grew older, and stopped the rebellion thing, I still continued to attract the same type of women, the same type of situation in my life. When ever I got close to a group of friends, something would inevitably happen, and I would end up being ostracized and excluded.

But here is the truth.  It wasn’t me.  It was a pattern in my life.  That just showed up over and over again – BECAUSE – I believed it to be true.  I just continued to recreate the pattern, because that is what I expected.

Life is just a series of patterns we carry out, based on what we believe about ourselves.  We keep recreating the same patterns until we are ready to release what we BELIEVE about ourselves.

Those women who showed up this time in my life – allowed me to heal the pain of being bullied and release the pattern. I then stopped attracting similar women into my life, instead now I keep attracting these amazing, powerful, supportive friends in my life, because that is what I believe I am worthy of!

I am now eternally grateful for the ‘gang of five’ I now call them, for showing  up in my life to allow me to heal an emotional pain that I carried for over 50 years!

That’s WHY tapping is so powerful and why I am so passionate about taking Tapping into Schools, because instead of children being bullied and it impacting on their lives for the rest of their life -we CAN HEAL IT, right at it’s source so they do not carry the scars for the rest of their lives. 

In order to heal the pain of bullying, you need to deal with the many emotional aspects that bullying can cause.  So in this video, the first in a series, we are tapping on feeling powerless.   Please share with somebody who may be experiencing bullying.

If you need help dealing with bullying, please reach out for professional help and advice from a certified EFT practitoner.

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