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Isn't It Time, Release Stress, Sally Thibault

Isn’t It Time to Release Stress To Truly Dream That Bigger Dream?

We have all felt it. Those days when stress just seems to get the better of us and life just feels overwhelming

On this week’s show I shared how stress impacted on me this week – and had me reaching for a food from childhood!

While some stress is good for us – to set goals, meet deadlines and stay motivated – chronic stress is a major factor for our health and well-being.

Now linked to so many issues, including heart disease, slower healing, weight gain, sleep issues, premature ageing, inflammatory diseases such as fibromyalgia and even the common cold, stress is set to be one of the biggest health challenges of our times.

On the show this week I shared…..

1. Why sometimes we don’t know we are stressed – but our body always does.
2. How to find your own stress triggers.
3. And the critical role The 2 & 20 Principle – incorporating the 4 Pillars of Wellness – plays in reversing the damage stress has caused …before it overwhelms you!!

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