Social Media Comparison – Have You Done This?

Social Media Comparison – Have You Done This?

Because social media is such a visual medium, we can begin to build our own version of other people’s lives in our minds… comparing their lives to ours…which can lead to feelings of inadequacy or envy.(even though you try not to ūüôā )

Glamour images shared on Facebook or Instagram don’t tell the story behind the scenes. So whilst someone may look like they are experiencing a wonderful life, you are not a party to the real story.

A recent study of more than 1000 mostly women Facebook users, carried out at the University of Copenhagen suggests excessive use of social media can create feelings of envy and general dissatisfaction of life.

When we compare our lives to others, we will never be satisfied or happy. That is especially the case when setting intentions for the year.

You will never achieve success, by trying to live somebody else’s life. Each of us has our own journey to follow, and setting clear intentions and goals that suit you, is the key.

In order to avoid social media comparison it is a good idea to spend more time connecting in person with friends and colleagues.

It is always surprising too that when you actually connect in person with somebody, and listen to their stories – that you will find just how normal you are – and they are too!

Here is a tapping video to help if you find yourself feeling a litte envious or jealous of somebody else – and you need to get back on track!!… let me know in the comments below if you experience any aha’s!!

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