So Why All The Fuss About Sugar?

So Why All The Fuss About Sugar?

So there is all this talk about SUGAR – and the world has gone crazy again. (You see I am old enough to remember when this happened with FAT, and we all jumped on the low fat bandwagon – so it’s a little like deja vu)

Now FAT is back in fashion and SUGAR is the problem….but here’s why….sugar-258113_1280

The World Health Organization has recommended that we cut our sugar content down to around 6 teaspoons (about 25 grams) per day of processed sugar.

Their recommendations DO NOT include natural sugars that occur in fruit and vegetables. Dietary guidelines still suggest two servings of fruit per day and 5 servings of vegetables.

We are now eating WAY more sugar than we used to. This is not 1965, when the only extra sugar you ever had was a glass of cordial and an apple! And if you were lucky, you may have scored 20 cents from your Nana, which would buy a pretty awesome selection of lollies that last you a week!

Now, excess sugar is added to foods we don’t even think about – tomato sauce, sushi, even so called healthy ‘fruit smoothies’ for example.and most low fat foods contain sugar to make them taste good! In fact, we are eating up to five times the recommended daily amount of added sugar!

Excess Sugar plays HAVOC with our weight, health and ENERGY levels – Think the 3pm slump, which has you searching out anything remotely resembling chocolate /cake cookies or nutella straight from the jar!

But the problem for most of us are sugar cravings! Most people I know are really want to cut down on sugar, but find the cravings sometimes overwhelming.

So here is what happened to me.

18 months ago I came across this technique that looked really strange – acupuncture without the needles as it was explained to me. It looked weird (still does) but – here is the drill – it helps you release cravings…like sugar or chocolate, or bread, or cakes or even heaven forbid – wine! And a bonus not only will your ENERGY levels dramatically increase you might just let go of that extra weight as well. (It was 7 kilos for me – pretty cool seeing as I eat more and exercise less than I ever have in my life!)

As a natural born skeptic, who in my health and fitness days have SEEN IT ALL, when it comes to anything to do with weight Рwhat I love about Tapping is there is good evidence-based research that backs it up. 

If you want to read more about the impact of sugar – here is a great infograph and blog from Sarah Wilson

So if you want to know more, just message me, let’s have a chat and I can show you how tapping really can change everything


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