Reclaim You Podcast Episode #4 with Julie Mason

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #4 with Julie Mason

Julie Mason has been dubbed ‘The Social Media Princess’ by her clients, named one of the top 25 LinkedIn Experts worldwide by her peers and is a sought-after speaker because of her engaging, informative and entertaining presentations.

With over 25 years in traditional sales and 15 years in door-to-door cold-calling along with 10 years in online marketing, Julie has an extraordinary talent in helping business owners position themselves as an authority, create compelling marketing and develop a strategy that will help them achieve their goals easily and elegantly.

Julie has inspired thousands of people through her workshops, presentations and webinars around the world with simple, yet highly effective strategies that generate results.

Highly intuitive, knowlegable, generous and fun, Julie makes the often complicated and confusing world of online marketing and sales easy to understand for any business.

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