Reclaim You Podcast Episode #3 With Alaska Tracy

Reclaim You Podcast Episode #3 With Alaska Tracy

Alaska Tracy (Tracy Roesch Williams) is an entrepreneur in Anchorage, Alaska leading a heart centred dynamic life.

Her primary purpose in life is to inspire many to confidently pursue their passions in business and life.

Businesses, organisations, entrepreneurs, and individuals gravitate to her online courses, in person workshops and personal retreats to recreate their Vision’s through Vision Boarding.

As a Vision Board facilitator and 20 + years of entrepreneurship and marketing, Alaska Tracy’s able to move people through this process and unlock valuable insights. They leave energized able to move forward and grow. One testimonial after an organizational Vision Board workshop, “I love this design we created for our new mantra.

The workshop was inspiring for sure. I definitely got new energy from it.” Alaska Tracy’s laser-sharp insights, her unbounded energy, her relentless drive to simplify, clarify and take the next action – all come together in one powerful package. “Lets Live A Vision Life.”

You can connect with Alaska Tracy via [email protected] Find her on Facebook

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