The one thing we all have that is the same…

It’s the one thing we all have that is the same..

The great leveller of us as human beings…


86,400 seconds, 1440 minutes, 24 hours in each and every day.

And it is how we think about and use that time, that creates our reality.

This week I have been thinking a lot about time.

On Sunday, we drove past a bad car accident… the next day I read that that the young man in one of the vehicles had died at the scene.  He was 25 years old – the  girl who hit his car was 21 years old.

In a moment of distracted time  – many lives were changed  – in an instant.

What if we all considered every moment of our lives as being important – and I don’t mean the doing part.

But rather the ‘being’ part

Being present.  Whether that means sitting by the ocean watching the waves roll in, whether that be binge watching Netflix episodes to take a well earned break… or whether that be spent  with the ones you love and being 100% present to just enjoy that moment, without thinking of the things that you ‘should be’ doing.

When I created The 2 & 20 Principle, it was actually having ‘Be-ing’ time that was my priority.

I wanted a way that I could achieve all I wanted to achieve, in a concise, effective and productive way – so that I could have more time to be present with those I love to be with the most.

That has been the best part about The 2 & 20 Principle.  To take all the things I ‘should’ be doing … and creatively compartmentalize my time so that it freed me up to have more thinking, focused, free time.

And that’s the exact feedback I am getting from our 2 & 20 Tribe… it’s the freeing up of time.  Being able to effortlessly incorporate all the effective, time honoured principles of health and wellness – and feel as if you still have plenty of time in your day to just BE you!

If you are ready to take find that extra time in your day…

I invite you to click on the link, and discover more about The 2 & 20 Principle

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