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Lighter – The Art of Listening to your Body instead of Fighting against it


Lighter – The Art of Listening to your Body instead of Fighting against it

Making up your mind to lose weight should be easy right?

It’s just a matter of changing your mindset so they say … but why then is it so hard to do?

Well, it’s more than just willpower, discipline and mindset, in fact, there are a number of issues at play

1. Most women who struggle with their weight eat because they are stressed, or sad, or frustrated, or fed up or tired or bored, or for every other reason under the sun – except hunger!

2. Sleep plays an integral part in what you eat with your hormones dictating your choices (i.e. you have little control over your choices if you are in sleep deficit!)

3. Confusion. With so many crazy, conflicting messages about what is good for you and bad for you, trying to keep up just leaves you frustrated and confused.

But there is a way to change all of this… to the art of listening…

Strong Inner Guidance

By listening to and honoring your intuition. The strong inner guidance that not only keeps you safe but can guide you in making choices that lead to success in so many areas.

But for many of us, trusting our intuition to make the best food choices can be challenging.

Why? Because choosing food intuitively can challenge the status quo.

Do you know you have had those times in your life where your intuition was strong that it seemed to go against what seemed practical?

Choosing food intuitively can be the same. It challenges you to throw out all the rules food that keeps you trapped on the roller coaster of restriction and judgment

But embarking on this journey of choosing food intuitively is SO freeing!!

OMG – when you let go of the rules and release the emotional connection to food choices, you simply free up a ton of emotional brain space.

No longer thinking about what you should or shouldn’t be eating. No more counting things or worrying about what’s ALLOWED and what is not. You begin to listen to your body instead of fighting against it.

Restrictive eating and punishing exercise are no longer part of the equation. In fact, learning to choose foods intuitively is a simpler, gentler and kinder way to do this.

Living Lighter

Lighter – The Art of Listening to your Body instead of Fighting against it

Lighter is a holistic mind, body, spirit approach to recognizing the beliefs and the emotions that attracted the weight in the first place, allowing you to release the weight that no longer serves you first emotionally and then physically.

So you just feel Lighter!

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