Lighter Personality Quiz

Lighter Personality Quiz

Lighter Personality Quiz

On the Living Lighter Facebook Live Show this week, we had so much fun talking about the Lighter Personality Quiz.

In particular, how implementing habits that work with your personality type instead of against it, can keep your energy levels high and your stress levels low.

On the show I shared how to….

1. Recognize why you may procrastinate or sabotage your intentions, especially around wellness goals.

2. Reset exercise habits that work perfectly with your personality type, so you stay motivated!

3. Redo your 2020 intentions… with much more insight and alignment about what works best for you.

Moreover, Sally Thibault shares something about achievers.

  1. Achievers who have a strong need for self-recognition in otherwise an achiever sets a very high goals for themselves.
  2. They are always setting themselves tasks and goals to do.
  3. They also like that sense of ticking the to-do list.
  4. Achievers ensure that they feel they are making changes in their lives.

You can still watch it in the Living Lighter Group

and if you have not yet done the quiz, you can click here to access it

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