Stronger Leaner Lighter

Stronger Leaner Lighter

12 Week fully supported Program incorporating the10 Principles of Wellness to help you sustainably release weight that no longer serves you... physically, emotionally & spiritually...for life !

Step 1 - The Stronger Leaner Lighter Program Includes Weekly Videos to help you

How to eat consciously lady with arms in the air

Learn how to ditch dieting mindset with Sally's signature 5 step
Conscious eating Methodology

How to fast consciously lady holding arms in air

Learn how to correctly implement the correct form of Intermittent Fasting that is just right for you

how to exercise lady with arms in the air

Discover the power of Exercising Purposefully with weekly live 9 & 20 minute videos to help you achieve strength, flexibility, posture and energy

how to tap regularly lady with arms in the air

Access to a library of EFT videos to help you blast through limitations, self-sabotage and food cravings

how to meditate daily lady with arms in the air

Meditation forms a major aspect of the program, you'll recieve regular meditation MP3's to help you implement this powerful practise.

how to live purposefully lady with arms in the air

Meditation forms a major aspect of the program, you'll recieve regular meditation MP3's to help you implement this powerful practise.


1. Mastering EFT For Personal Use (6 Part Video Series)

2. How to Tap To Release Food Cravings (3 Part Video Series)


You will also receive a PDF copy version of Tapping to Reclaim You - How to Re-ignite Your Passion Power & Purpose in 30 Days

Sally's book was written specifically to be a resource for individuals who wanted to Master EFT.

The book contains 30 case studies with tapping scripts. to help overcome stress, overwhelm, fear, self-sabotage, fear of success and self-imposed limitations! The perfect companion to this program.

PLUS Bonus PDF Downloads:

>> How to Implement Intermittent Fasting Easily a simple guide to how to incorporate the right Intermittent Fasting schedule for you

>> The 2 & 20 Principle to help you implement powerful, time efficient habits and get more done in less time!

And Including

Weekly Calls Via Zoom to answer questions, provide accountability and live tapping sessions!


Membership to a Private Facebook Group for daily check-ins and questions!

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"Sally Thibault is exquisite at transforming lives. I had the great pleasure to attend Sally's workshop and had some massive life-changing breakthroughs that I wasn't able to resolve using other types of therapy. Sally is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know and her ability to empower women to make deep, soul-changing changes easily and elegantly is astounding. If you are stuck in any part of your, relationships, energy or weight, I would highly recommend having a chat with Sally to see if she can help. I give her my whole-hearted recommendation!"

....Julie Mason, Australia .


"Sally Thibault is one of the most intuitive, centered, mindful EFT therapists practicing in the field today."

Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor Psychology - Bond University

Your Membership Includes:

3 Month's special discounted membership to the Stronger Leaner Lighter Membership Program

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